Friday, February 21, 2020

It just gets worse and worse

So far all of our institutions of government have failed to stop the madness that is Donald Trump's presidency.  The reality that he is a pawn of Russis's Vladimir Putin is just denied.  This is a prerequisite for all Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, Evangeicals, Independents, Libertarians, Fascists, and White Nationalists who see an Emperor with no clothes and decide to worship him like a God so that they can freely express their vile hatreds towards everyone and everything that is not like them.

It is expressed openly as raw racism.

It is expressed as misogyny.

It is expressed in anti-Semitism.  And in many other ways

Giving America to the Russians is ignored.  Having three Russian intelligence chiefs in the Oval Office as Trump ordered everyone else out is not a concern to them.

Separating immigrant children from their parents and putting them in cages in repurposed Wal-Marts run by for-profit prison companies is met with cheers.  Children have died.  Cruelty is the point, they cheer.  And they're making money doing this!

Politico reports that one of the reasons why federal investigations, plural, into Russian interference in our elections failed was because Republican ideologues who refused to believe it are at every level of American society including the investigations leadership and staff.  This includes the National Security Council. One member of the NSC who denied the realty and worked hard to prevent anyone from believing it, Kash Patel, a former disciple of Rep. Devin Nunes ( who we now know was massively involved with key personnel in the whole Ukraine scheme) is now a top advisor to Trump's new Acting Director of National intelligence.  Trump has now given our entire intelligence community over to our Ambassador to Germany, a former internet troll, Richard Grenell.  Grenell is beloved by Germany's new Neo Nazi Party, the AfD ( Alternative for Deutschland ) and Grenell expects to retain his ambassadorship to Germany while serving as acting DNI.

This is akin to giving the intelligence community to Ralph Cinque.

Trump is openly replacing every agency and institution of American government with ass kissing morons who cannot see Vladimir Putin.  Every executive agency head is an "acting" head.  This circumvents the "advise and consent" clause of the Constitution and senate confirmation.  Congress has been stripped of this power.  And no one and nothing stopped this.

America is on its death bed in a Russian hospital this election.  Putin has total control of America.  There is nothing he doesn't know about America now.  And it was freely and openly given to him by this moron Trump. And nothing and no one stopped it.

And Russia is doing it again.  Acting head of the DNI Joseph McGuire and his staff held a briefing on Feb 13th for the House Intelligence Committee that Russia was actively interfering in our election again to re-elect Trump.  But even worse than that they are involved in undermining the Democratic party and their primaries.  And when told about this meeting by, guess who, yes, it's Rep. Devin Nunes, Trump went into a rage and fired the people giving the briefing to Congress.  Joseph McGuire, you're fired! The person who gave the briefing, Ms. Shelby Pierson, I believe was also fired. The acting deputy DNI Andrew Hallman is stepping down on Friday, 2/21/2020.  If you want to keep your job in the federal government or if you're a Republican congressperson or senator you had better deny seeing Vladimir Putin and you had better kiss Trump's ass.

And another travesty is the Roger Stone case.

It is a travesty that there were no cameras in the federal court as Roger Stone was sentenced.  It was a travesty that he got a mere 40 months in prison. It is a travesty that Barr and Trump interfered in the DOJ sentence recommendations.

Trump has attacked the sentence, the judge, and individual members of the jury in this case.  And nothing and no one stops this. 

People call for Attorney General Barr to resign.  But they are farting into the wind.  An association of federal judges we are told held an "emergency meeting." It means nothing.  

Barr is interfering in other cases to make things go the way Trumps wants.  Trump has usurped the AG describing himself, falsely, as "the top law enforcement officer in the country." 

The crimes Stone committed were designed to make Trump president, and once president to protect him.  And soon Trump will pardon Stone or commute his sentence, thus, he thinks, invalidating the whole prosecution of Stone.

And the invisible Russian can be heard laughing. 

And yet, the judge DID reduce the sentence she could have given, of 7 to 9 years, to a mere 3 years and 4 months! She did EXACTLY what Barr and Trump cried out for in their unprecedented interference in the case.  

The four DOJ prosecutors presenting the case all quit in protest, one quit the DOJ all together.  

The new DOJ prosecutor surprisingly rejected the POTUS and AG interference.  He apologized for it.  So, you might be thinking we've found a man of integrity in the DOJ, hooray!  Well, no, not really.

And then he says something he wishes he didn't say.

So, about the second sentencing recommendation, the one advocating for a minimal sentence ...

And now suddenly the guy trying to be Mr. Integrity wants to hide under a desk. 

It's really hard to believe how bad things are in America.  

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