Saturday, December 7, 2019

So, thanks to Larry Schnapf and CAPA JFK Assassination bullets are now toys NARA will sell

Your JFK Assassination researcher donated money at work.  Will these be the new hot toy this Christmas? No, kiddies you'll have to wait till 2020. But, you can probably place an order for them now.

The video selling this fraud stars Martha Murphy, a senior level archivist at NARA II at College Park, Maryland.  In her mind offering these plastic toy replicas "preserve" the original artifacts of evidence.  And, yes, they want you to believe these plastic toy replicas are better than the actual artifacts. And they want you to study these replicas as if they were the real artifact.  Yes, they believe you're this stupid.

And there's Max Holland, one of the biggest apologists for the Warren Commission.

And, yes, it includes the EXTREMELY FAKE, but always used audio often played in JFK Assassination videos and documentaries that was created after the assassination as if local TV and radio were covering every second of the Dallas motorcade, which they weren't, and that they just happened to have a reporter in Dealey Plaza.  I've already posted on this issue. And yes, in the video credits they call it the "Radio Broadcast of the Assassination," from the album "Four Days that Shook The World."  And, yes, SONY owns it.  ( Yes, they want to own all sound. ) Warren Commission Document 1245 proves all of this audio is a fraud. Start on page 11.  Three radio stations contributed audio to the record, WFAA, KLIF and KBOX.  Tom Perryman, WFAA News Director said no WFAA mobile unit was within half a mile of the assassination.  Sam Pate, a reporter with KBOX and one of the voices you hear, was asked to make the faked audio "several days," after he was fired.  He was fired on November 23rd, the day after the assassination.  Why was he fired the day after the assassination? Mr. Pate at the time of the interview "wished to make it known that the majority of his portion of this tape is not an authentic one." Why did he participate in this AFTER he was fired?

And, yes, the Sixth Floor Museum was involved in this. They provided the films used.

And they add fake gunfire audio to the Zapruder Film.

The scanning of the artifacts isn't the problem.  Doing it to sell a plastic bullet toy and to use that to make those pesky researchers searching for the truth to just go away is.  Martha Murphy actually says in the video that in giving people these fake plastic bullet toys the public "will have more access than they have ever had before," as if these actually are the real artifacts.

I'm disgusted.

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